March of Industry Wikia

Style Guide for new contributors[]

Since the people making entries aren't as good as they can be here (Don't worry, I was just like you), I set up a basic guide on writing pages.

  1. Infoboxes: Infoboxes can be found under templates which is at the insert tab. Infoboxes contain the basic info of an item such as its name, list position, image, recipe and age. All this info can be found at the Items page. To see a complete itembox, go to a page like Vladimir Putin's Gym Shorts. The .png files of the recipes usually have either their full name when It's 1 word and part of its name when the item name consists of multiple words. Example: the png for tin is tin.png while the Gym Shorts go under Vladimir.png. It's recommended to add the infobox first, however this is only needed in the Classic Editor. The normal editor allows you to drag the infobox after creation.
  2. Weaving the infoweb tighter: The next thing to do is linking in a good way. When the page already exists, link it there by typing the name of the page in the linking tab (you must first select the text you want to link to the page). If the page exists but it won't register the name as a link, use an external link for the time being. When a page is not yet made but will be, just select the text and link it to nothing. It will look like this. When you made an article, please take the time to go to any pages with it as recipe/pages which are part of the item recipe and link them there. Protip: Linking an item in an infobox is done like [ [this] ] (With brackets, not with Italics, and not with spaces). Also, be sure to categorise your page: If it's an item, categorize it to items (not item, the plural is important here), if it's a weapon, categorize it to weapons etc.