March of Industry is a 2D Unity-based game developed by RobbyZ, a former Microsoft employee and the sole creator of 8BitMMO, along with a few other developers. It costs a one-time fee of $9.99 for unlimited access to the game and access to the Steam edition and the Android edition when it's released. The game is no longer under development, however it is possible to add your own items to the game and add other players' items to the game with the Blueprint Sync feature.

The game's main aspect is that you own a factory in Russia, and must use some of Russia's natural resources, such as potato and glycerol, to create the most profitable weapons as possible, discovering each new material and weapon as you go along.

So, if you discover the next super-profitable weapon, or some major changes are released, feel free to jump in and update the wiki! This wiki serves as a reference of data about the game to assist fellow players, and it's 100% community created. However, please always remember to state the reason for editing a page, as we do wish to keep all information accurate and related.

Thank you!

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WARNING: This wiki contains spoilers as to the progression of the game. Spoiled gameplay is the fault of the player, not of the Wiki staff and supporters.

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