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Alternating Pusher
Alternating Pusher
Alternating Pusher
Item Data
Position in List Unknown
Tech Age None
Added by Blueprint No
Cost 2,000 B
Sale Value Unknown
Profit Unknown

The Alternating Pusher is a Factory Item you can place in your Factory. It can be unlocked as soon as you've unlocked the world market. You can then get it randomly sent by the Politburo, buy it from other players with scrap or buy it for 5 ComradeCash.

What it does:[]

The Alternating Pusher pushes items that go over it to the side. This can be used to push items from one conveyor belt to another. Other than the Always Pusher it alternates between pushing and not pushing, meaning one item goes through, the next gets pushed to the side, the next one goes through and so on.

Alternating Pusher splitting resource supply onto two conveyor belts