March of Industry Wikia

Ages are a part of March of Industry designed to help categorize different items. Each age has at least 2 raw materials, and the age is named after one of the materials. (Excepting Base Age)

Base Age(Sand Age)[]

The Base Age is what you start out with. The only resource you have is sand. The only weapon you can make is a Disk Launcher.

Copper Age[]

Copper Age is started when you finished creating your first three weapons. You obtain Tin and Copper, and the only new weapon to create is the Blunderbuss.

Iron Age[]

The Iron Age is achieved when you create your first 3 Blunderbusses. You obtain Iron and Carbon, which you then can create the ICBM Missile, Gun That Shoots Laser Guns, Inconveniently Small Dragon, All Actors Replaced By Jeff Bridges, Carrot Top's Exercise Videos and Katana Launcher.

Potato Age[]

The Potato Age is achieved when you reach 600,000B. You obtain Glycerol and Potato, with which you then can create Vladimir's Gym Pants, Reddit Moderators, EMP that Resets Clocks, Firewall that makes All Porn have realistic Writing, Convince Everyone Livejournal is Cool Again, Missile, A Guy Named Ivan who Drinks All your Vodka, A Disintegration Ray That Only Destroys Peroshkys, Emoji Grenade, Rubber Bullets That Make You Forget the Alamo and How To Mess With Texas Informational DVD.